The Smart Palm

Solar Palm Trees Are Sprouting Up In Dubai

‘ Its A Stand Alone Multi Functional Power Source A country not known for it’s alternative energy projects may be starting to turn it’s eyes towards solar power. There ... Continue Reading →
optimize your solar system

Optimize The Output Of Your Solar System

. Do You Have A Specific Purpose Solar System That Puts Out More Power That Required? Why not add an solar generator to the system to capture that extra power. Then you can use that ... Continue Reading →
net zero commercial building

Net Zero Energy Commercial Buildings

. Commercial Buildings Are The Perfect Size To Make These Energy Efficient Systems Work It’s here, an affordable, renewable, sustainable way to build net-zero office buildings ... Continue Reading →
cost of solar energy

Today’s Green Minute – Solar Energy Has Overcome It’s Problems

. The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine And Where Do You Use All That Energy When It Does. Solar energy had two problem in the past. First it was expensive – but that has changed ... Continue Reading →
California Solar Power

California’s Hydro Woes Are No Problem According To State Officials

. The Reason – California Has Enough Solar Installed To Replace It It’s been the driest winter ever with the smallest snow pack in written history which means the water ... Continue Reading →
will solar dominate the future

The Inevitability Of A Solar Energy Future

No One Denies That Solar Is Making Huge Inroads Into The Energy Scene But How Far Can It Go? I came across this article recently where David Roberts tries to make the claim that in ... Continue Reading →
Floating Solar

Floating Solar Is Becoming Very Popular Around The World

. Kyocera TCL Solar Inaugurates Floating Mega Solar Power Plants in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation announced today that Kyocera TCL ... Continue Reading →
German Solar Records

German Solar Records Are Expected To Hit New Highs

The Meteorologists Are Predicting Sunny Weather As A High Pressure Area Settles In Over Germany Last Wednesday Solar power produce hit 22.7 gigawatts an new high beating the record ... Continue Reading →

These Solar Collectors Could Provide Power For The Whole Planet

. IBM Solar Collector Concentrates The Sun 2000 Times They call a High Concentration Photo Voltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system that is capable of concentrating the power of the sun 2000 ... Continue Reading →