Keshe Foundation School

Engineering The Future With Plasma Technology

. A New School In Italy Has Opened And Is Devoted To The Study Of Plasma Physics The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI) is located near Bari, Italy, and will teach the fundamental ... Continue Reading →
Complete Patents Of Nikola Tesla

The Man Who Electrified The World

Nikola Tesla Was An Electrical Genius Away Ahead Of His Time He was the one who discovered alternating current and Convinced the authorities at the time to use alternating current instead ... Continue Reading →
Magma from under sea volcanoes

The Effects Of Under Sea Volcanoes May Be Altering Our Climate

New Studies Are Showing Regular Patterns In Activity From Weeks To Eons The studies are indicating that these volcanoes erupt often when the pressure from the ocean above is at it’s ... Continue Reading →
The Tesla Turbine Explained

How The Tesla Turbine Works

. Near The End Of His Life Nikola Tesla Was Asked What His Greatest Invention Was And He Chose His Turbine. So what is this Tesla turbine and how does it work? It is different from ... Continue Reading →