Dirty Electricity

Exposing The CFL Lie

. Before LED’s We Were Told CFL’s Were The Way To Save Energy Problem was the dark secrets they weren’t telling us. First CFL’s contain mercury a heavy metal ... Continue Reading →
CNG Buses Dallas

CNG Buses In Dallas

Dallas Has Gotten Rid Of Diesel Buses In Favor Of CNG Buses A switch to compressed natural gas has made for cleaner and quieter buses in Dallas. With CNG the bus fleet is emitting fewer ... Continue Reading →
The Solar City

First Community In The World To Produce 4 Times More Energy Than It Uses

. It’s The Village Dubbud Solarsiedlung (Solar Village) Located In Freidburg, Germany. Today this village produces 4 times the energy than it consumes. It’s also the home ... Continue Reading →
Green Energy From Costa Rica Hydro Dam

Costa Rica Is Having A Green Power Year

So Far In 2015 Costa Rica Has Not Had To Use Hydrocarbons To Produce Electricity. According to ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad)  for the first 75 days in 2015 Costa Ricas’s ... Continue Reading →
CO2 Emissions Decline

The Economy Has Been Growing But In 2014 CO2 Emissions Flatlined

This Is A First – Have We Hit The Point Where Emissions Are Going To Start To Decline? Energy related carbon dioxide emissions did not increase globally in 2014. This report ... Continue Reading →
When There's A Huge Solar Spill - It's Called A Nice Day

There Has To Be A First In Everything — And Then The Others Will Follow

A First For Renewable Energy – This US City Is The First City In The US To Run 100% On Renewable Energy Burlington Vermont wins the prize for being first. This city is pointing ... Continue Reading →

Laying Cable To Ocean Based Energy Projects Just Got More Cost Effective

This new device called the Cable Fish should lower costs by 75% North Sea Systems, has just completed the first full scale trials of its CableFish at EMEC. The final trial which began ... Continue Reading →
Electric powered boat

A Electric Powered Boat, A Pull Cord Powered Cook Pot?

Alternative Energy News As you’ll see in the video this ferry boat in Sweden is fully operational. With quick charge technology it can recharge while it unloads and loads and ... Continue Reading →

Toyota Has Followed Tesla’s Lead And Is Releasing Fuel Cell Patents To The World

The release of these patents is an effort to move fuel cell technology faster in it’n implementation. It has been well proven in the past that open systems get the fastest traction ... Continue Reading →