gravity light

Gravity Light

. Here Is An Innovative Idea – Use Gravity To Power A Light How do you power an inexpensive light to be used in third world countries? These designers came up with the innovative ... Continue Reading →
The Copenhagen Wheel

Put A Smart Wheel On Your Bicycle

. The Wold’s First Smart Electric Hybrid Bicycle Wheel. This is the first commercial version of the Copenhagen Wheel. Distances become less tiresome. Hills no longer seem so steep. All ... Continue Reading →
Hydrogen Powered Cars

Let The Car Fuel Battles Begin

. German Wind To Hydrogen Fuel Plant Built Look out Tesla. The pieces are clicking in place for hydrogen powered vehicle to be driving the highways and streets of Germany and beyond. Linde ... Continue Reading →
Airdrop water capture device

One Way To Harvest Water From Thin Air

. Here Is An Award Winning Device That Has Some Interesting Potential Again mother nature has shown the way. There is a beetle called Namib beetle which is native to the Namib Desert ... Continue Reading →
Big truck turbine generator

Is An Electric Powered Truck In Your Future

. We Are Talking About Turbine Powered Big Trucks Here Delivery trucks and 18 wheelers. What’s making this possible? – High powered electric motors, batteries and a turbine ... Continue Reading →
Electric Airplane

This Electric Airplane Is E-FANtastic

. Designed By Airbus As A Prototype For Future Larger Aircraft It’s the E-Fan experimental aircraft Airbus Group has built. It Was a highlight at the 2014 ILA event. Let’s ... Continue Reading →
Solar Thermal Air Conditioning

Solar Thermal Air Conditioning – 6 Top Units

.  Save Money And Reduce Your Environmental Impact That’s why you should consider switching to solar thermal air conditioning. You might be confused at first thinking of using ... Continue Reading →
All Electric Helicopter

First All Electric Helicopter Flies

. This German Company Has A 2 Man All Electric Helicopter Electric powered transportation has taken another step forward. We’ve see bicycles, motor bikes, cars and now a helicopter Converting ... Continue Reading →
solar well pump

Solutions For Low Producing Wells

. Don’t Believe It When They Say Your New Well Has Too Low A Production To Be Used It’s true you won’t be able to use the standard pumps and pressure tanks, but you ... Continue Reading →