Elon Musk

Elon Musk Says There Is No Reason For Energy Companies To Run Scared Of His Batteries

. Elon Musk head of Tesla Motors Inc. thinks energy companies are wrong to fear his battery systems He actually thinks they should buy more of these systems because they will be needed ... Continue Reading →
Battery costs

Why Is Tesla Going After The Home And Business Battery Market

. Just What Is The Market For New Battery Storage? There are still very few houses in the US that have solar or wind power installed. World wide that market could be bigger. But at ... Continue Reading →
The Tesla Power Wall

The Big Tesla Announcement – Home, Business And Utility Sized Battery Products

The World Has Been Waiting For This Announcement With Anticipation. Anticipation that the price would be low enough to make energy storage affordable. Anticipation as to how scaleable ... Continue Reading →
portable solar generator

Build Yourself A Portable Solar Generator

. This Small Unit Is Great For Light Duty Electrical Tasks A 10 watt solar panel and an 18 amp hour battery, a couple of gauges, a charge controller and inverter and you’ve got ... Continue Reading →
Elon Musk

For Tesla Supplying Batteries Goes Way Beyond Cars

The Electrical Industry I Was Waiting With Anticipation For Tesla’s Economical Batteries We know the home battery is to be announced it’s the price tag on this battery system ... Continue Reading →

Tesla’s New Home Battery

It’s Official – The Product Announcement Will Be Made On April 30th The off grid world hopes this will be the game changer. A home storage battery for solar, wind and other ... Continue Reading →
Energy integration

Energy Storage Is Becoming More And More Popular

And With Prices Dropping On Battery Systems And Solar Panels Storage Is Becoming A Viable Solution Now A Days people Want to use renewable energy sources and have power available 24 ... Continue Reading →
Jump Starter Review

Have You Seen The Multi Function Jump Starter?

This Lithium Ion Battery Pack Stores A Lot Of Punch. It’s a spare battery that you carry with you to power an multitude of devices. I guess it’s main purpose is to start ... Continue Reading →
There's a new home battery coming

There’s A New Home Battery Coming Soon

Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Has a New Invention To Help Home Owners To Live Off The Grid. Based on Tesla’s lithium ion battery technology this new home battery in expected to make ... Continue Reading →