wind power output

Batteries, Wind Turbines And The Grid

. There Has Been A Lot Of Stuff In he News Lately About Battery Storage – And For Good Reason We’ll use wind energy as an example. When the wind blows a windmill produces ... Continue Reading →
How They Build Windmill Blades

See How Wind Turbine Blades Are Made

. Ever Wondered How They Make Those Huge Windmill Blades? It’s an interesting process using fiberglass, epoxy and great big molds. In the video we will be visiting the Siemens ... Continue Reading →
Turn Bridge Structures Into Energy Generators

Where Else Could You Install A Wind Turbine?

. Studies By English And Spanish Researchers Have Looked At Bridges As A Possibility There are a lot of big bridges in the world. Why not us them for more than one purpose. Some of ... Continue Reading →
Waters Turbin Blade

The Water’s Effect Turbine – Simple And Efficient

. A Ridiculously Simple Wind Turbine That Is 5 to 20 Times More Efficient Than A 3 Bladed Wind Turbine Mike Water’s design is basically a squirrel cage arrangement set 90-degrees ... Continue Reading →
Silent Wings

What Do Owls Have That Wind Turbines Don’t?

. The Ability To Go Unnoticed Noise is a problem with wind turbines and scientists are studying owl wings to find a solution. Owls are probably the quietest birds in nature and it turns ... Continue Reading →
Where to mount a wind turbine

Where To Install A Wind Turbine

. There Are Good Places And Bad Places To Install A Wind Turbine – Discover The Difference Here is a great little video from Missouri Wind And Power explaining all about wind ... Continue Reading →
The Wind Tree

The Wind Tree Generator

. This Is A Wind Turbine Generator For The Urban Environment Made up of dozens of small turbines which start spinning an the slightest breeze. If you want to see one in action, New ... Continue Reading →
Archimedes Screw Turbine

The Archimedes Wind Turbine – A Home Wind Power Delight

. It Is Just So Mesmerizing To Watch. This type of turbines blade has solved the noise problem these small household turbines have been known for. The Archimedes is a Dutch renewable ... Continue Reading →
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The US Could Get A Third Of It’s Energy From The Wind

. Switching To Wind Energy Could Also Save Billions Of Gallons Of Water A new report from the US Department Of Energy has detailed the health and environmental benefits of ramping up ... Continue Reading →