Plasma Energy Tips

Back a couple of weeks ago when Mr. Keshe did his spaceship training weekend, in the power generator section he mentioned he had given us the info or at least hints how to get power ... Continue Reading →
plasma power released to the world

Plasma Energy Device Released To The World

. Keshe Foundation Goes To Market With Their Free Energy Unit The first step they took was to hold a world ambassador’s meeting in Rome Oct 16 where they gave each ambassador ... Continue Reading →
plasma energy being released to the world

Plasma Energy Being Released To The World

‘ The World Just Changed On October 16 in Rome the ambassadors of the world have been called to a meeting where they will be given a free plasma energy unit and all the plans ... Continue Reading →
Plasma the 4th state of matter

Plasma The Most Common Thing In The Universe

. We All Think We Know What This 4th State Of Matter Is – But Do We? You see over a hundred years ago scientists pretty much abandoned the area of energy fields and the ether ... Continue Reading →
A Science Revolution

The Mass Ratio – Is It A Science Revolution?

. This Discovery By Nassim Haramein May Be Just That The discovery has everything to do with spinning object and let’s face it the universe is full of spinning objects. The math ... Continue Reading →
Shocking Energy Discovery

DIY Energy Device Can Power More Than Your Home

. London Barber Is A Genius At Plasma Physics This Is An Amazing Story – A man from Nigeria working as a barber in London listens to the trainings from the Keshe Institute starting ... Continue Reading →