prickly pear biofuel

Using Cactus As A Biofuel

. The Bad Thing For Biofuel Is That It Takes Precious Farmland Out Of Food Production A group of UK researchers have discovered that a group of arid country plants are actually good ... Continue Reading →
Wood Fired Pickup Truck

The Many Uses Of Wood Gasification

. Wood Gasification Has A Surprising Number Of End Uses. From providing really efficient heat, to producing gas for a stove or to run an engine to generate electricity for example. Or ... Continue Reading →
Food or fuel

What Is The Relation Between Increasing Biofuel Production And Food Production?

This Princeton University Study Shows Some Alarming Truths About Some Biofuels Your not going to believe this but a study published yesterday in the journal Science found that government ... Continue Reading →
super efficient wood stove

The Cleanest Burning Wood Stove Which Means Efficient Too

. How Do You Get A Wood Stove To Burn Everything? One way is to use a mass rocket stove as your stove. It’s amazing that there is virtually no smoke going up the chimney, it’s ... Continue Reading →
How to build yourself a hot water system

How To Produces Endless Hot Water

. Endless Hot Water Without Any Electricity Or Gas Hookup Here is a DIY water heating system you can use in an emergency situation or if you have no access to any utilities. This is ... Continue Reading →
Low Energy Alternate Fuel Generator

The L.E.A.F. Wood Fuel Gasifier Review

Review of the L.E.A.F Generator. This unit is designed for wood blocks. The wood blocks are burned under controlled conditions so the product of that burning contains gas which can ... Continue Reading →