How To Produces Endless Hot Water

How to build yourself a hot water system

 Solar Electric Hot Water Heater

The Nile Geyser is a electric water heater designed for use with off grid electric systems.

This unit won’t drain the batteries to give you hot water.

Did you know that hat water is probably item most over looked by prepers?

Here is a short video by Engineer 775 recommending this solution.


Hot Water - Nile Geyser


If  Your Main Heat Source Is Wood Heat Here Is Another Solution

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4 Responses to “How To Produces Endless Hot Water”

  1. Brandon

    Apr 22. 2015

    This is cool. The video maker repeats useless info over and over. Tell us about how you connected the stove parts to the bucket. Show us the inside of the bucket and what is the wood heating? I can assume lots and piece together but would rather hear the explanation. Lots of wasted words in this video. “Look at the water spitting out” look can yuh see the steam etc. rather hear more about useful information. Honestly this video is more annoying than useful

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  2. Tom

    Apr 26. 2015

    Why would you put an audio ad in a post that has audio/video. Then of course it plays over and over again.

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    • greenenergyjubilation

      Apr 29. 2015

      The boys managing the ads on our sites have been testing different ad suppliers. I agree those video ads really suck.

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  3. January

    Jul 10. 2016

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trrepsaanntly clear now!

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