Faraday Cage For Your Smart Meter

How To Cover Your Smart Meter To Reduce Radiation

. If You Can’t Get Rid Of It At Least You Can Make It A Little Safer These meters emit a lot of harmful electromagnetic radiation and by building a Faraday cage to cover the front ... Continue Reading →
The Truth About Smart Meters

The Real Truth About Smart Meters

. They Aren’t That Smart And Are Down Right Dangerous Have you noticed lately that the things that experts and the authorities tell us are turning out to be just plain wrong. A ... Continue Reading →
A Homestead solar water system

A Homestead Solar Water System

. Multiple Pumps And Multiple Backup Systems The system in this video supplies water to this homestead retreat. There are two houses, an RV camping area, multiple livestock waterers, ... Continue Reading →
How To Ground Your Storage Batteries And Inverter

How To Ground Your Green Energy System

. Did You Know You Are Supposed To Ground Your Energy System To An earth Ground? Many people worry about their systems being hit by lightning and ask whether their systems should be ... Continue Reading →
Hollow Steel coil cores work better

Is Solid Steel The Best Core Material For Electric Coil Cores?

. Here Is A story About An Accidental Discovery Of A Better Material To Use For Coil Cores I always though you were supposed to use steel for coil cores because magnetism likes steel ... Continue Reading →
water security using solar and gravity

Gravity And Solar Working For You Water Supply Security

. This Is A Duel Purpose System – For Pumping Water And Charging Batteries The solar panels can run the pump for a day to fill the tank up the hill which then will contain enough ... Continue Reading →
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Says There Is No Reason For Energy Companies To Run Scared Of His Batteries

. Elon Musk head of Tesla Motors Inc. thinks energy companies are wrong to fear his battery systems He actually thinks they should buy more of these systems because they will be needed ... Continue Reading →
10 W LED Flood Light

An Off Grid Outdoor Lighting Solution

. Do You Need 12 or 24 V Light For Your Yard? How about a 10 Watt Led Flood Light fixture. These are equivalent to a 50 Watt halogen bulb – but consumption is very low – ... Continue Reading →
slip ring connector

Looking For A Slip Ring Connector On Your Wind Turbine Tower?

. Missouri Wind and Solar Has Them And Here’s How They Work I always wondered why the wires didn’t get all twisted up at the top of the pole when the turbine head turned ... Continue Reading →