Plasma Energy Health Unit For You Pets

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Keep Your Pets Healthy Using Plasma Energy

This week’s device lets you keep your pets healthy. In this device we are using the magnetical and gravitational fields (plasma fields) from gans (one of the plasmatic states of matter). When your pet is inside the rings any needed plasma fields will be absorbed by the various places in your pet’s body and any unneeded fields will be ignored.

This device uses ZnO gans to connect to your pet emotionally and CO2 gans to provide the general wellness fields. When humans use the larger  human sized similar device they report reduction in pain, elimination of infections, improved energy,  improvement from many ailments and a feeling of general well being. It is assumed similar results will be felt by your pet.

This video will show you how one of these units is made. I made one error by not connection the inner tube together into a ring. Dr. Rodrigo in today’s health training told me I’d get much stronger fields with a complete inner ring inside the three center CO2 rings.

Many testimonials from pet owners say their pets spend time every day inside their health units. So it appears the pets recognize the beneficial effects of the plasma fields.



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