the ethical bar code

Have You Heard Of The Ethical Bar Code?

. It’s An App You Can Put On Your Cell Phone Here’s the thing. You want to support a greener universe. The problem is that when you are shopping you can’t keep all ... Continue Reading →
The Search For Free Energy

Has The Mystery Been Solved About Natural Energy

People have been saying this energy exists for over 100 years. Yet the frustrating part is no one will sell me a device so that I can turn the main breaker off in my house and turn ... Continue Reading →
Tesla Inspired Desk Lamp

Tesla May Not Have Designed It But He Had A Big Influence On This Desk Lamp Design

This lamp has no power cord going to it. There is an induction coil in the base which collects te power to light the light bulb. The light bulb is also inspired by a Tesla designed ... Continue Reading →
ErockIt electric bike

Could This Be A Revolution In Transportation?

It’s A Cross Between A Bicycle And An Electric Motor Bike It is safe to travel at speeds of a motor cycle but it definitely has a unique propulsion system. No ordinary electric ... Continue Reading →
A Car That Runs On Compressed air

Compressed Air Technology – CAT

This Car Is Called A Cat Cat stands for compressed air technology. It’s engine runs or compressed air. Just think zero emissions. The range of this is 100 miles. on one fill. ... Continue Reading →