Convert – Don’t Replace Your Existing Florescent Light Fixtures

. Converting Is Less Than Half The Cost Of Replacing – Here’s How Are your florescent fixtures getting old? Tired of replacing ballasts and tubes? Or maybe you just want ... Continue Reading →

Chasing Net Zero

. More And More Net Zero Homes Are Being Built Now That The Concepts Are Being Understood. You have to have these three things in a net zero home First you need to maximize the passive ... Continue Reading →
smart sensors

You Need To Reduce Your Homes Energy Consumption Before Going Solar

. We All Waste Electricity And Here’s How To Cut That Amount Substantially And I’ll bet you know some of the ways right now. First you need to get rid of all your old incandescent ... Continue Reading →
passive solar green house

A Better Way To Build A Green House

‘ The Groundswell Community Network’s Passive Solar Green House This isn’t your typical green house. It has an insulated back wall and ceiling. It has solar panels ... Continue Reading →
Vampire Electronics

Vampire Electrical Consumption Costing Us Billions

. How Many Vampires Do You Have In Your House? All those devices sucking tiny amounts of electricity from the grid. Would you believe it is costing Americans 19 billion dollars a year. That’s ... Continue Reading →
Passive Solar

Passive Solar – It’s Easy To Be Green

. This Video Series Is All About Simplifying Passive Solar For You There are numerous elements that  a good  passive solar design can control. They include heating, cooling, ventilation ... Continue Reading →
Bicycle power

In Guatemala They Use Old Bicycle Parts To Power A Greener Economy

With A Little Ingenuity An Old Bicycle Can Be Peddled To Power A Lot Of Devices. These bicycle powered devices include water pumps, grain grinders food blenders, sewing machines and ... Continue Reading →
How To Install An Alternative Method Of Attic Insulation

Here’s A Different Way To Insulate Your Attic

. When It’s Time To Insulate Or Upgrade Your Attic Insulation Here Is An Alternative You Should Consider This works best on high pitched roofs, but can be installed in any roof. It’s ... Continue Reading →