featured image pet health unit 720x375

Plasma Energy Health Unit For You Pets

. Keep Your Pets Healthy Using Plasma Energy This week’s device lets you keep your pets healthy. In this device we are using the magnetical and gravitational fields (plasma fields) ... Continue Reading →
Understanding DIY Solar

DIY Solar Systems Start To Finish

. The Starting Point Is To Size Your Solar System Do you want to replace the power you use currently or figure out the essentials and only have that much power available in a grid down ... Continue Reading →
Wattless generator

A Peek At The Wattless Generator by Geoffrey S. Miller of EnergyBat Labs

. Still Under Construction But Already Showing Some Amazing Power Potential They are expecting an output in the range of 60 HP or 45 KW. If true that would be a lot of power from such ... Continue Reading →
Turn Every Surface Into A Solar Cell

Any Surface Can Be A Solar Cell

. This Special Cloth Can Be Applied To Any Surface Turning It Into A Solar Cell Now this almost seems to be a dream come true. It puts energy generation right in the hands of the home ... Continue Reading →
Solar Air Heat Collectors

DIY Solar Air Heating Collectors – Pop Cans vs Screen On The Inside

. DIY Solar Heat Collectors Are Easy To Build And Provide A Fast Pay Back DIY versions of these panels offer a huge savings over the commercially built panels. Two DIY methods of building ... Continue Reading →

Another BioWave Energy Generation Unit Is Ready For Demonstration

. BioPower Systems (BPS), has completed the construction and onshore testing of a 250kW bioWAVE pilot demonstration unit. BPS is an Australian wave energy company and is prepping for ... Continue Reading →
hydraulic fracking

Is Fracking Supporting Renewables?

All Those Environmentalists Who Love Renewable Energies Are Definitely Against Hydraulic Fracking Here is the thing. Most renewable energy sources can not be turned on and off to suite ... Continue Reading →
Cavitation water heater

A Fuel-less Water Heater

. They Say You Get More Heat Energy Out That The Electrical Energy Used By The Motor Who would have thought you could get that much heat energy out of water just by causing it to cavitate. Watch ... Continue Reading →
Portable solar panel the size of a cell phone

Innovative Solar Panels For 2015

The Top 10 Solar Panels For 2015. How about a small solar panel the size of a smart phone. It gives you power on the go to charge your devices. For powering larger devices there are ... Continue Reading →