DIY Solar Air Heating Collectors – Pop Cans vs Screen On The Inside

Solar Air Heat Collectors


IR pictures:

The IR (thermal) image was taken at 11:00 am. It shows the temperature of the glazing on each collector. This is important because most of the collector heat loss is through the glazing, and cooler glazing is an indication of more efficient operation.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal image of the two collectors: pop can on left and screen on right.

The screen collector shows a lower average glazing temperature, which does tend to agree with it higher heat output. The screen collector glazing temperature is fairly even, which might indicate that the picture of the inlet air spreading over the full surface of the screen and then flowing through it might be true. The pop can collector glazing shows a smooth increase in temperature from top to bottom with no apparent hot spots that might indicate uneven flow through the can columns.


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