Tesla's Flying Saucer

Tesla’s Flying Saucer Patent – What Happened?

. Tesla Actually Thought He Had Invented An Anti Gravity Machine It was over 100 years ago that Tesla filed his patent for his anti gravity machine. It was a peculiar aircraft,  Tesla ... Continue Reading →
basic Geet Reactor

How A DIY Geet Reactor Works

. Do you want to build your own DIY Geet reactor? These videos show the basic design using standard Plumbing parts bought at your local hardware store. Is this Geet stuff all a hoax? Well ... Continue Reading →
plasma reactor engine

The Engines That Can Run On 80% Water – Fiction or Fact?

. Paul Pantone Demonstrates His Plasma Reactor Motor. I’ll bet you wish you could run your engines on water. In this video Paul shows off his engine with his invention – ... Continue Reading →
Coils in Resonance

Wireless Transmision Through Resonance Inductive Coupling

Here Is A simple DIY Experiment Into This Wireless Transmission Of Electricity Nicola Tesla studied this type of transmission during his life Today many of the over unity devices claim ... Continue Reading →
Wood Fired Pickup Truck

The Many Uses Of Wood Gasification

. Wood Gasification Has A Surprising Number Of End Uses. From providing really efficient heat, to producing gas for a stove or to run an engine to generate electricity for example. Or ... Continue Reading →
The trompe hammer or trompe ram

Use Flowing Water To Produce Compressed Air And Pump Water

. Mr Teslonian calls this a Trompe Hammer or Trompe Ram This invention is designed to compress air to a high pressure as well as pump water better than your average ram water pump. Just ... Continue Reading →
Shock Absorbing Bicycle Wheel

A Radically Better Bicycle Wheel – Is It Possible

It’s been a long time since the wheel was invented. It’s also been a long time since the bicycle wheel was invented. Now a kid has come up with a better bicycle wheel. He’s ... Continue Reading →
the tesla valve

Interesting Mechanisms – The Tesla Valve

. A valve with no moving parts. It allows flow in one direction to flow freely. But in the opposite direction it is impeded by a factor of 200 times. With no moving parts – nothing ... Continue Reading →