Another BioWave Energy Generation Unit Is Ready For Demonstration

. BioPower Systems (BPS), has completed the construction and onshore testing of a 250kW bioWAVE pilot demonstration unit. BPS is an Australian wave energy company and is prepping for ... Continue Reading →
piston pumps for ocean energy

How To Convert Wave Motion Into Useful Energy

. It’s Not Always Obvious How They Do It – Here Are Some Of The Ways Here is an interesting video for you engineers out there. This technology uses a piston pump, pumping ... Continue Reading →
40 South Energy H24

Yet Another Ocean Wave Technology Being Tested

40South Energy’s H24 machine can work both as wave and tidal unit. This technology consists of a heavy fixed base unit sitting on the sea floor and an upper sliding piece that moves ... Continue Reading →
Italian wave energy project

Here Is A Unique Way To Generate Energy From Ocean Waves Is Building Their First REWEC3 Caisson Civitavecchia, Near Rome, Italy. The company builds a breakwater in the ocean and has a special structure on the ocean side where ... Continue Reading →
Atmocean Wave Energy

Atmocean Is Moving Closer To Its Wave Energy Test Deployment

Spring 2015 Is The Target For Deploying 5 Test Buoys The test will take place off the coast of Peru. Peru was deemed the ideal location because of the steady waves it has that originate ... Continue Reading →
Wavestar Wave Energy Device

Wavestar Continues To Move Ahead With It’s Wave Energy Technology

Wavestar is progressing with their upgrades to their 1/2 scale test unit They are adding two more floats and a more efficient PTO (power take off) system. Wavestar A/S the company that ... Continue Reading →
capturing wave energy

Using The Waves In Brazil

. Brazilian researcher have come up with a unique way to harness the waves. This pilot project is still chugging away. Located in the state of Ceara in the northeast part of Brazil, ... Continue Reading →
Perth Wave Energy Project

Wave Energy Projects Are Being Connected To The Grid

In Perth Australia We’ve Had Wave Energy Project Connect To The Grid A lot goes into making this kind of project possible as you’ll see in the video. This is the first ... Continue Reading →