Wavestar Continues To Move Ahead With It’s Wave Energy Technology

Wavestar Wave Energy Device

Wavestar is progressing with their upgrades to their 1/2 scale test unit

They are adding two more floats and a more efficient PTO (power take off) system.

Wavestar A/S the company that is developing the Wavestar wave energy device is working towards deploying a commercial version of its prototype which would produce 600 Kw using about 20 floats 5 M in diameter.

As you’ll see in the video the motion of the floats rising up and down in the waves is converted through a hydraulic system into electricity.

The main platform of this unit is supported by legs anchored to the ocean floor.

The company has installed the test section of the 600 kW machine at Hanstholm, Denmark in 2009. The prototype was made up of 2 floats, and its capacity was 110 KW.

In 2013, Wavestar device was moved to the harbor of Hanstholm in order to expand the device and implement new digital hydraulic system to increase the device’s efficiency, and to add two more floats.

Late in 2014, the company announced that it is testing the new PTO (power take-off) system at Aalborg University, which is expected to increase the efficiency of Wavestar wave energy device.


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