vortex hydro energy

Another Way To Capture Energy From Hydro Vortexes

. Fish Have Been Using This Approach For Millions Of Years Now It’s Our Turn. This device works using a principle called vortex shedding which provides a sideways force first ... Continue Reading →
water vortex hydro

Another Way To Produce Electricity From Water

. This Involves The Use Of Water Vortexes In this video you’ll se a water vortex generator in operation in Switzerland. This pilot project basin is 21 feet wide and has a level ... Continue Reading →
archimedian Screw Generator

How Archmimedean Screw Turbines Work

. Archimedes Screws Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years But it’s only recently that they have been used to generate electricity. In the past it was used to pump water. The main ... Continue Reading →
world's largest hydro dam

The Largest Dam In The World

It’s The Three Gorges Dam On The Yancy River In China It is over two km. long and 60 stories tale. Forty thousand workers and seventeen years to build. It is the largest concrete ... Continue Reading →