Plasma Energy Tips

Back a couple of weeks ago when Mr. Keshe did his spaceship training weekend, in the power generator section he mentioned he had given us the info or at least hints how to get power ... Continue Reading →
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Plasma Energy Health Unit For You Pets

. Keep Your Pets Healthy Using Plasma Energy This week’s device lets you keep your pets healthy. In this device we are using the magnetical and gravitational fields (plasma fields) ... Continue Reading →
Miracle Molecule of Life

CO2 – The Best Thing That Could Happen To Our Planet

. Do You Believe CO2 Should Be Banned? – Zero CO2 Emissions? – You Are About To Be Shocked This stunning mini-documentary reveals why eliminating carbon dioxide would WIPE ... Continue Reading →
We Can Save The Planet

More CO2 Lies

. How Many Years Were You Taken In Until You Woke Up In my younger years I believed the news reports, what was written in the text books and what politicians said. Now I believe they ... Continue Reading →
Energize Your House Water

You Can Energize The Water In Your Home

. Healthy Water Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Life Plasma Energy can be used to energize your home water supply. A basic level of energization can be attained by simply wrapping ... Continue Reading →
Microwave Radiation Levels Over Time

Do Smart Meters Kill People? Doctor Spills The Beans

. How Smart Meters and Other Devices Affect Your Body We live is a sea of electromagnetic radiation these days. The radiation comes from our cell phones, computers, WiFi modems, TV’s, ... Continue Reading →
Radio Magnetic Frequency Roof Shield

Radiation Free Living With Whole House Shielding

. Radiation Health Issues? Here’s How To Keep Your Family Safe This house was being affected by 5 cell towers and was recurring multiple times the radiation that was deemed to ... Continue Reading →

Is This The Real Tesla Car Secret?

. Did Tesla Harness 200 V Of Free Energy To Power His 80 HP Pierce-Arrow Car? The photo above shows a homemade omni directional antenna that is capable of long range WiFi broadcasting ... Continue Reading →

Convert – Don’t Replace Your Existing Florescent Light Fixtures

. Converting Is Less Than Half The Cost Of Replacing – Here’s How Are your florescent fixtures getting old? Tired of replacing ballasts and tubes? Or maybe you just want ... Continue Reading →