Radiation Free Living With Whole House Shielding

Radio Magnetic Frequency Roof Shield


Radiation Health Issues? Here’s How To Keep Your Family Safe

This house was being affected by 5 cell towers and was recurring multiple times the radiation that was deemed to be safe. The owner did something about it. He basically put a Faraday Cage around his house.

There are three areas that you have to close off to the electro magnetic radiation – the roof, the walls and the windows. It’s a problem that’s not that hard to solve with the right materials and the right crew to do the work. If you are considering an exterior upgrade, maybe you can add these elements into the project.

For the roof there is a wire mesh product that does the trick. On the walls there is a special conductive paint that can stop the radiation. An the windows just need a special type of cloth or blind.

You’ll be amazed at the results that the EMF meter shows. Watch the video below.


Now if you have a smart (dumb) meter here is an additional step you can do.

Watch This Video

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