Ecocapsule retreat

Off Grid Retreat Made Easy

. Want Your Own Off Grid Escape Module? The Ecocapsule was designed by Bratistlava based Nice Architects. The idea was to let anyone live off grid for up to one year. As you see in ... Continue Reading →
Understanding DIY Solar

DIY Solar Systems Start To Finish

. The Starting Point Is To Size Your Solar System Do you want to replace the power you use currently or figure out the essentials and only have that much power available in a grid down ... Continue Reading →
Shipping Container Home

A Unique Off Grid Green Home Using Shipping Containers

. Jaso Rioux’s Octopod Sea Container Cabin Shipping container architecture has become more and more popular over the years. Jason’s cabin utilizes 7 shipping containers ... Continue Reading →
Rocket Mass Stove Maintenarce

Living With A Rocket Stove

. You Know These DIY Wood Stove Are Super Efficient – But Are They Practical You probably ask how much wood gets burnt in a day? How long every day do you have it lit? Is the ... Continue Reading →
Rocket Stoves

Rocket Mass Heaters

. It’s A Better Burning Efficient Wood Stove Store bought high efficiency stoves are expensive. These DIY rocket stoves are really taking off – being built all over the ... Continue Reading →
Emergency solar water distiller

A Small Emergency Solar Water Distiller

. Stuck With No Safe Water To Drink. Here is a simple way to get distilled that is safe to drink. It’s a combination of a dark colored can to hold the unsafe water that gets heated ... Continue Reading →
Drill Your Own Well

Need Water – Drill Your Own Well In A Day

. With The Right Soils And Water Table It Can Be Real Easy Hand drilling wells is done all the time in certain areas and countries. In general if the well is less than about 35 M deep ... Continue Reading →
Pulser Pump

With No Moving Parts This Has Gotta Be The World’s Simplest Pump

. The Only Power Required Is A Head Of Water It’s also a perfect DIY pump because all the parts you need can be found at the local hardware store and with no moving parts it is ... Continue Reading →
48V solar water system

A Solar Water Pumping Solution

. Pump Water  With A 48 V Solar System This is a solar system with backups. This video describes a 2 part solar water pumping system. Direct solar water pumping from a well to fill ... Continue Reading →