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Making A Rocket Stove

The rocket mass heater will challenge your traditional pre-conception of a wood-burning stove. The wood is fed in vertically and the fire is contained. Here’s a half built one that they made to show us how it works.

You can see the ends of the wood coming out of the burn chamber. Because the wood is fed in vertically only the tips burn, ensuring a proper air to fuel ratio. The flame then heads sideways and up then up the heat riser pipe. Another pipe insulated with perlite wraps around the heat riser ensuring the burn chamber remains hot and burns clean. Now here’s a completed version.

Now you can see that a metal barrel has been placed over the heat riser. The barrel contains the hot flue gases and ensures a clean, complete combustion. But here’s the genius part, those hot flue gases are then passed through a stove pipe that’s inlaid into a thermally massive cob bench. Cob is just sand, clay and water. That cob bench sucks up the heat from those hot flue gases and releases it over time. You’ve got a time-release heater that doubles as furniture



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