Micro Hydro From A Pond

Micro Hydro Feed From A Pond

. Got A Source Of Water And Need A Small Hydro Generator? – Check This Out It’s only 500 Watts but that’s a great little back up system if all else fails. It’s ... Continue Reading →
ultra low head generator

Low Head Water Turbines

. The Turbines For Low Head Situations Are Quite Different From Their Higher Head Cousins These turbines are almost always classified as as micro power turbines There are several models ... Continue Reading →
Mini Hydro Water Wheel

Mini Hydro Water Wheel Generator

. This Is Getting Green Energy On The Cheap… Do you have a small creak running through your property? As you’ll see in this video it doesn’t take much to get enough ... Continue Reading →
water pipe generators

Electric Turbines Inside Portland City Water Pipes

. Whenever You Have Water Running Down Hill You Can Capture Energy From That Water The City of Portland is now generating electricity from generators installed in their water pipes. When ... Continue Reading →
E-Bike Pelton Wheel Generator

DIY Mini Hydro Generator Using E-Bike Parts

. An E-Bike Wheel Has The Axle, Bearings and Generator All Built In This is supposedly a 500 W E-Bike Wheel. The question is how much power can be gotten out of the wheel in a mini ... Continue Reading →
washing machine conversion

Convert An Old Washing Machine Into A Mini Hydro Generator

. Old Washing Machine Motors Can Be Converted Into Great Generators All as you need is a power source to spin the generator. In this video, you’ll discover how to use a source ... Continue Reading →
Holden Hydro Turbine

Mini Hydro – The Holden Hydro Generator

The Holden Hydro Generator Is A Low Cost Per Watt Turbine System Joe Holden a renowned inventor built his 100 KW Holden power generator to take advantage of all three modes of turbine ... Continue Reading →