community solar

Community Solar Makes Sense

‘ Let’s Face It – Not Everyone Has A South Facing Roof Or A Big Yard And then there is the issue of maintaining your solar system. Who’s going to do that. Yet ... Continue Reading →

Hybrid Solar Devices That Store Energy As Well As Generate It

. The Start Up Company SunVault Is Developing Such Appliances Their Technology is based around massive graphene super capacitors. The great thing about super capacitors is that compared ... Continue Reading →
Turn Every Surface Into A Solar Cell

Any Surface Can Be A Solar Cell

. This Special Cloth Can Be Applied To Any Surface Turning It Into A Solar Cell Now this almost seems to be a dream come true. It puts energy generation right in the hands of the home ... Continue Reading →
Whole House Solar Install

Whole House Solar Power System

. If You Have The Land The Solar Panels Don’t Have To Be On The Roof In this video Engineer 776 is installing a whole house solar system. It is comprised of a 6000 watt array, ... Continue Reading →
V3Solar cone solar generators

Rotating Cone Shaped Solar Collectors Are Putting Out A Lot More Power Than Their Flat Cousins

. They Clam Up To 20 Times More Power Output Than Flat Panels All right – this seems to be a fantastic claim, it appears that these guys are on to something here. They have come ... Continue Reading →
An innovative solar solution

An Energy Storage Solution You May Not Have Heard About

. What If A Company Would Supply Storage Batteries For Free And Guarantee A Reduction On Your Electricity Bill? Sounds like they are crazy doesn’t it. The thing you have to realize ... Continue Reading →

Graphene Is Enhancing The Performance Of New Solar Cells

. Graphene Is A Game Changer In Many Different Electrical Applications From energy storage , to solar cells, to flexible display screens and so much more. A material that is amazingly ... Continue Reading →
Tokyo Main Olympic Stadium

Tokyo Wants To Showcase Their Renewable Energy Transformation

. And The Summer Olympics Coming To Tokyo In 2020 Is The Perfect  Setting To Show The World Their Progress Tokyo uses a lot of electricity and they realize they could be using a lot ... Continue Reading →
california solar energy

If California Was A Country They’d Be #6 With The Most Solar Energy Capacity

. California Sets A record, And Has Surpassed The UK, France And Spain In Their Installed Solar Capacity In the first quarter of this California installed 718 megawatts of solar capacity, ... Continue Reading →