QMoGen Device Directory

Quantum Motor Generators

QMoGens Are Over Unity Motor / Generator Devices These are all those devices that have a motor driving a generator and the generator is putting out more energy than the energy required ... Continue Reading →
SEG Prototype

Another Generator The Energy Companies Don’t Want To See On The Market

The SEG Generator Concept Has Been Around Since 1946 In 1946 John Searl invented this generator technology. It never made it to production due to the high cost of producing the components. But ... Continue Reading →
Free Energy Magnet Motor

Check Out This Free Energy Magnet Motor

. Do magnet motors really work? In this video you will see one working. It is so simple how it was done, so why aren’t larger units being made? It is so simple you’d think ... Continue Reading →
Free energy from magnets only

Simple Off The Grid Electric Generation Technologies

This magnet only motor can be used to power a generator. It looks so simple in this video. If it really works this well, why isn’t it being used? Have a look at this video and ... Continue Reading →