Grand Minimum Solar Cycle

The Sun Is Going To Sleep

. A New Grand Minimum Of Solar Activity Is Approaching This is a cycle the sun goes through about every 400 years, and we are 400 years since the last grand minimum. What Does this ... Continue Reading →
solar cycles

A Different Way To Look At The Solar Activity Cycle

Instead of an Up And Down Graph Let’s Turn It Sideways You’ve heard of El Nino and La Nina years when the Pacific ocean currents change temperature and cause different weather ... Continue Reading →
Magnetic Pole Shift

Why We Should Be Concerned About The Earth’s Magnetic Field

There Is No Debate Now – The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Reversing This is normal, it has happened many times in the distant past. But the consequences to us during the shift ... Continue Reading →
Trees Dropped From The Sky

This Might Be The Fastest Way Ever To Plant Trees

The World Cuts Down More Trees Than It Plants Every Year Did you know that 26 billion trees get burned or cut down every year? And that only 15 billion trees get replanted. You can ... Continue Reading →
Temperature predictions vs reality

Climate Change Is Real

It’s Been Changing For Thousands Of Years Why Shouldn’t It Keep Changing CO2 levels have been rising, can’t argue that fact. The billions of dollars to predict the ... Continue Reading →

Climate Change? – 24″ Of Slushy Ice In Bogota Columbia

It looks like a winter day in Maine but this is a scene close to the equator. The climate is changing, there is no doubt of that. The thing is, it is always changing, has been for thousands ... Continue Reading →
Why Global Warming Failed

Why Global Warming Failed But At The Same Time Climate Change Is Definitely Real

The models have failed – they didn’t take everything into consideration. The sun has been shown to have a huge impact on climate change. It’s impact on climate change ... Continue Reading →
46 Degree Ice Halo

It’s Been One Wild Winter Here In The Northern Hemisphere

How Much Show Do You Have? This is the winter you will be telling your grand kids about. Some would say we are headed into a mini ice age. If you believe in the correlation between ... Continue Reading →
Green Houses Almeria Spain

Global Warming? Bull! Are We Headed For A Mini Ice Age?

Is Our Planet Supposed To Remain At One Constant “Normal” Temperature For Thousands Of Years? No, our planet goes through a somewhat predictable pattern of warming and cooling. ... Continue Reading →