Why We Should Be Concerned About The Earth’s Magnetic Field

Magnetic Pole Shift

There Is No Debate Now – The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Reversing

This is normal, it has happened many times in the distant past. But the consequences to us during the shift could be huge.

The main problem lies in the weakening of our magnetosphere which protects us from the sun. We are going to to more vulnerable to the plasma that get ejected by the sun from time to time. That plasma if it gets through the magnetosphere can cause an electro magnetic pulse (EMP) that can damage all our power grids and electronics. That means no utilities, no trucks and cars, only locally grown food no hospitals etc.

The big utilities and governments have made us grid dependent.

So what can you do ?

Learn about EMPs and how to protect various pieces of equipment from it.

Have non grid backup systems in place to provide your basic needs.

There are many alternate energy solutions that can be used

Something to think about. The big question is – Is something like this going to happen in our lifetime?


This video gives you some of the facts about the pole shift that is under way.


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