You Can Energize The Water In Your Home

Energize Your House Water


Healthy Water Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Life

Plasma Energy can be used to energize your home water supply. A basic level of energization can be attained by simply wrapping a 25 foot length of 1/4″ plastic tubing around your incoming water line. Inside this tube should be a mixture of carbon dioxide gans and zinc oxide gans.

In my home the PH of my water supply went up by 0.3 – up from 7.3 to 7.6. Many areas have water that is slightly basic (lower than 7.0) which is unhealthy. Many scientific studies have shown that acidic water can lead to various diseases and that a basic water supply can promote health.

In addition other plasma energies associated with the CO2 gans and ZnO gans should promote general good health for those drinking the water.

We cover a lot more information in the video so have a look.



Stay tuned for another plasma energy experiment next week.



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