How To Get Energy Out Of Evaporating Water

They Are Getting Renewable Energy From Evaporating Water

. Here Is Another Example Of Copying What Mother Nature Figured Out Years Ago At Columbia University Ozgur Sahin and his students notice an amazing thing about spores in nature. Have ... Continue Reading →
Centrifugal Energy Amplification

A Self Sustaining Hydro Turbine

. Have You Heard Of Centrifugal Energy Amplification That’s what the inventor of this turbine is calling the forces at play here. This is the CEACU (Centrifugal Energy Amplification ... Continue Reading →
Inovative hydrogen storage

An Interesting Way To Run Your Car On Water

You Won’t See This Conversion Kit At Your Dealer Any Time Soon – But It Really Works The problem is it contains a substance that is used to store the hydrogen in a compact ... Continue Reading →
Heshe Reactor

The Most Disruptive Free Energy Technology Ever

. It’s Disruptive Because It’s Proven And Dozens Of Patents Have Been Turned Over To The World. This is now open source and dozens of countries, companies and individuals ... Continue Reading →
toroid math

Free Energy Devices – There Is Math And Theory Behind Them

. Ted Talk – Randy Powell & Marko Rodin – A Brief Summery Of Their Work Based on the math of a vortex. This discovery is intended to be totally open source and will ... Continue Reading →
QMoGen Device Directory

Quantum Motor Generators

QMoGens Are Over Unity Motor / Generator Devices These are all those devices that have a motor driving a generator and the generator is putting out more energy than the energy required ... Continue Reading →
Energy from plants

Can You Generate Electricity From Plants?

Should We Forget Glass And Look To Grass For Our Energy In The Future? A University of Cambridge scientist Dr Paolo Bombelli is using moss to generate electricity. He has demonstrated ... Continue Reading →
Salt Water Burning

Free Gas Forever – What Ever Happened To This Idea?

Have You Noticed That Some Good Ideas Seem To Disappear Never To See The Light Of Day Again? This idea isn’t all that complicated. The raw material – salt water – ... Continue Reading →
Big Ideas

Big Ideas That Could Change The Way We Live.

The World Is Full Of Strange Technologies That If Harnessed Could Change The World. This video is a collection of short videos showing you some of these technologies, these big ideas. Many ... Continue Reading →