A Self Sustaining Hydro Turbine

Centrifugal Energy Amplification


Have You Heard Of Centrifugal Energy Amplification

That’s what the inventor of this turbine is calling the forces at play here.

This is the CEACU (Centrifugal Energy Amplification Conversion Unit) or CQ by Geoffrey Miller of EnergyBat Labs.

This isn’t the first one of these he has made. Earlier models where tested and proven to work.

To simplistically describe how this works, basically, all you do is run water into the top of a disc with nozzles in its periphery such that the exiting water causes the disc to rotate. As the speed increases, the water going to the periphery is facilitated by a centrifugal effect. The exiting water is cycled back into the system. Above a certain speed, the centrifugal force actually creates a suction on the incoming water so that the pumping action is no longer required. And at an even higher speed, the system not only self-loops, but creates excess energy. Hence the name:  Centrifugal Energy Amplification Conversion Unit (CEACU) or CQ for short.

Sound like lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps? I’m not sure what plug of the wheelwork of nature is being harnessed here, but both Geoff and Mike say it definitely works. It seems to me like if this really works, then it would be challenging to regulate it so that it doesn’t go into run-away mode and speed to destruction.

Geoff has built several of these over the years. This is another design he is willing to release under open license terms, once EnergyBat Labs get settled in an adequate facility.

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