More CO2 Lies

We Can Save The Planet


How Many Years Were You Taken In Until You Woke Up

In my younger years I believed the news reports, what was written in the text books and what politicians said. Now I believe they all have an agenda and it’s not for my well being – It’s usually about putting my money in their pockets.

They’d have us believe that climate should never change, the temperature should not change. What a bunch of horse dung. Climate on this planet has changed on this planet forever and there has been a wide range off conditions where life has flourished. CO2 is close to historical lows right now. And the Sun has more influence on global temperatures.

In the video below science pioneer Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, takes aim at the blatantly false junk science propaganda behind the climate change narrative.


Do you want to know the visual tricks and deceit the propagandist use to push their CO2 agenda? Then cluck the link below.

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