We Can Save The Planet

More CO2 Lies

. How Many Years Were You Taken In Until You Woke Up In my younger years I believed the news reports, what was written in the text books and what politicians said. Now I believe they ... Continue Reading →
solar vs coal cost

Is Climate Change A UN Led Ruse?

. The Top Business Adviser To The Australian PM Tony Abbott Thinks It Is The prime ministers business advisory council chairman, Maurice Newman, said the real agenda was  “concentrated ... Continue Reading →
Why Global Warming Failed

Why Global Warming Failed But At The Same Time Climate Change Is Definitely Real

The models have failed – they didn’t take everything into consideration. The sun has been shown to have a huge impact on climate change. It’s impact on climate change ... Continue Reading →
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6 Climate Problems You Should Know About

The Climate Is Changing – We Can’t Deny That As it has since the earth was created. The question is do we know all the factors causing the change? Are the causes human? ... Continue Reading →