More CO2 Lies

We Can Save The Planet


Climate Change Lies – They Newer Show You The Big Picture

This rational, science-based explanation completely DEBUNKS the false “climate change” narrative on carbon dioxide

The truth is that numbers and graphs can be shown in ways that can support a wide variety of conclusions. You have to be on guard for incomplete data, or subsets of complete data if you want to get the real picture.

Then you have to know that the numbers aren’t manipulated or adjusted. What does the raw data tell you.

You may recall that famous hockey stick graph in the Al Gore video that sort of put the lid on the debate way back in the beginning of the propaganda campaigns? Recently in a court of law the scientist who made that graph was charged with contempt of court because he wouldn’t provide the data used in that graph to the court. Data paid for by our tax dollars.

Watch the video below and discover some of this trickery.


What if we could re-green our planet? Make it become an even better paradise.

Re-greening our planet

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