Inovative hydrogen storage

An Interesting Way To Run Your Car On Water

You Won’t See This Conversion Kit At Your Dealer Any Time Soon – But It Really Works The problem is it contains a substance that is used to store the hydrogen in a compact ... Continue Reading →
Salt Water Burning

Free Gas Forever – What Ever Happened To This Idea?

Have You Noticed That Some Good Ideas Seem To Disappear Never To See The Light Of Day Again? This idea isn’t all that complicated. The raw material – salt water – ... Continue Reading →
H2prO Home

Clean Energy And Fresh Water

. Teen, 17 years old invents machine that takes in dirty water and gets out clean water and hydrogen.  Cynthia Sin Nga Lam from Melbourne, Australia may be one of the next generation ... Continue Reading →

Could This Discovery Be On Par With Splitting The Atom?

. Graphene A Carbon Based Compound Discovered 10 Years Ago Has An Amazing Property This new property of graphene was just recently discovered. Discovered by Sir Andrei Geim and his ... Continue Reading →

All The Gas You Will Ever Need

A easy way to generate hydrogen gas from salt water. This method sounds too easy to be true. Put salt water between the antennas of a radio frequency generator and the oxygen and hydrogen ... Continue Reading →