Could This Discovery Be On Par With Splitting The Atom?


Other Potential Uses Of Graphene


Graphene is tough, about 200 times stronger than steel, yet incredibly light.

It is considered the first two-dimensional material because it forms sheets of crystal that are just one atom thick.


Graphene uses

Graphene is also being developed as a new material for membranes involved in separating liquids. It could be used to purify water in the developing world or to create more efficient desalination plants.

It is also an excellent conductor of electricity, so is useful for anything involving electronics, such as bendable mobile phones and cameras, and wearable electrical devices attached to clothing.

Medical applications include its possible use as a material for delivering drugs to damaged sites within the body, which could open new avenues for treating patients with brain conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or cancer.

Scientists also believe that graphene’s high strength and low weight can be harnessed in the making of new composite materials and polymers for the transport industry, making travel safer and more fuel efficient.

A truly amazing substance.

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