Could This Discovery Be On Par With Splitting The Atom?


Graphene A Carbon Based Compound Discovered 10 Years Ago Has An Amazing Property

This new property of graphene was just recently discovered.

Discovered by Sir Andrei Geim and his team, a Nobel prize winner for his past work with graphene has found something really unique about graphene.

Here’s what an article in the independent had to say:

As well as being incredibly strong – more than 200 times as strong as steel – and extremely light, graphene conducts electricity extremely well and has a host of potential uses in electronics and in the sphere of new materials for such high-tech industries as aerospace and car manufacturing.

Now it appears that Sir Andre has found another potential use based on graphene’s ability to form a semi-permeable membrane that is porous to positively-charged hydrogen atoms, but to nothing much else. This could prove to be the deal breaker that transforms the hydrogen fuel-cell business, which has been somewhat stalled by the technical limitations.

Even more intriguing is the possibility that graphene may be used to “harvest” hydrogen from the air, providing a new source of carbon-free fuel. Combined with fuel-cell technology, the breakthrough could prove to be as important as splitting the atom in terms of energy.


Graphene has several other potential uses.


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