Climate change and lowland flooding

The People Taking Governments To Court Over Climate Change

. The Netherlands Has Been Ordered To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions The Netherlands is noted for its low lying lands which are very vulnerable if climate change causes ocean levels to ... Continue Reading →
Energy crisis

Europe’s Energy Security Is A Problem

‘ It’s Not Front Page News, But Europe Imports A Lot Of Energy On average European countries import half their energy needs. The one exception is Denmark which exports some ... Continue Reading →
Energy Revolution

It’s A German Energy Revolution

. Germany Has An Aggressive Plan For Renewable Energy An Reduced Carbon Emissions Voices from science, industry, and politics outline the achievements made so far, next steps, and the ... Continue Reading →
solar vs coal cost

Is Climate Change A UN Led Ruse?

. The Top Business Adviser To The Australian PM Tony Abbott Thinks It Is The prime ministers business advisory council chairman, Maurice Newman, said the real agenda was  “concentrated ... Continue Reading →
CFL Health Issues

CFL Health Issues Exposed

For Years We Were Told This Was The Energy Efficient Way To Go But we were not told it would be at the expense of our health. These bulbs contain the toxic heavy metal mercury. The ... Continue Reading →
the cost of solar energy

The Disruptive Nature Of Solar Energy

A Massive Shift Has To Take Place In The Energy Distribution Sectors Of The World The electric utility companies are being phased of the energy generation business. Millions of individuals ... Continue Reading →
the environment is improving

The Environment Is Improving Along With Growth And Increased Energy Consumption

. New Data Released By The EPA  On Air Quality Shows A Marked Improvement The emission of six major air pollutants has dropped by 68% since 1970. Considering that the population has ... Continue Reading →
solar vs coal cost

New Poll – Americans Belief In Global Warming Is Back To 1980s Levels

The Truth About Global Warming Is Winning Out. Despite the continual bombardment of warning from politicians some environmentalists and the news media about global warming, Americans ... Continue Reading →

France Follows Other Countries With It’s New Green Roof Law

New Commercial buildings in France Must Have Part Of Their Roofs Covered With Vegetation Or Solar Panels Green roofs are already popular in Germany and Austria and even the City of ... Continue Reading →