New Poll – Americans Belief In Global Warming Is Back To 1980s Levels

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The Truth About Global Warming Is Winning Out.

Despite the continual bombardment of warning from politicians some environmentalists and the news media about global warming, Americans aren’t buying all that crap any more.

They’ve come to realize that yes the climate is changing, – just like it has since this planet was created.

But the global warming propaganda and the CO2 scare tactics are simply not true.

A new Gallup poll shows that Americans’ concern about warming has fallen to the same level it was in 1989. In fact, global warming ranked at the bottom of a list of Americans’ environmental concerns, with only 32 percent saying they worried about it a “great deal.”

“Importantly, even as global warming has received greater attention as an environmental problem from politicians and the media in recent years, Americans’ worry about it is no higher now than when Gallup first asked about it in 1989,” writes Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones.

So far in 2015, Americans are less worried about global warming than they were just last year when 34 percent said they worried about warming a “great deal.” Gallup’s poll comes after a CNN poll from January found that 57 percent of Americans don’t see global warming as a threat to their lives.

“Americans express greater concern over more proximate threats — including pollution of drinking water, as well as pollution of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and air pollution — than they do about longer-term threats such as global warming, the loss of rainforests, and plant and animal extinction,” Jones adds.

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We are also beginning to see a constant stream of good news about the various green energy sources taking a bit out of the energy pie.


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