One tank of fuel across the USA

Can You Really Get Across The Country On One Tank Of Fuel?

. These Guys Think They Can Do It – Start Date June 24 2015 That’s right as I write this they finished day two. This road trip  is being sponsored by Neste and they will ... Continue Reading →
Ikeo Helping People Affected By Climate Change

Way To Go Ikea

. The Swedish Giant Store Chain Ikea Vows To Help Populations Affected By Climate Change Ikea just committed 1.1 Billion dollars to help populations that are being affected by climate ... Continue Reading →
Fresher purer simpler

Our Food Preferences Are Changing

‘ Have Noticed What’s Happening Ever In The Fast Food Restaurants? People are changing the way they eat and many of the food processors are changing the products they bring ... Continue Reading →
free energy digest

Free Energy Digest

. An Update On The Free Energy Happenings Around The World The PESNetwork has published their latest Free Energy Digest Edition video that you can watch below. In the past month to Rosch ... Continue Reading →
Sea Ice

Record Ice Extent In Antarctica

. There have been a Couple of years of record ice in Antarctica. Satellites have been keeping track of the extent of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic since 1980. The Antarctic Ice It ... Continue Reading →
Sea Ice

Sea Ice – The Alarmists Would Have Us Believe That It Is Melting

The Truth Is Just The Opposite. While Arctic ice has been bordering on record lows for most of the winter, it has now moved into the more normal range of values. The unreported news ... Continue Reading →
Over Unity Confirmed

Over Unity Generator Confirmed

Inventor Paramahamsa Tewari Has Built A Reactionless AC Synchronous  Generator (RLG). This generator has been independently built and tested to efficiencies as high as 250%. One of ... Continue Reading →
Georgetown TX 100% Renewable

Georgetown Texas To Be Powered By 100% Renewable Energy

Move Over Burlington VT – Georgetown Texas Is Now The Largest City In The US To Go 100% Renewable Energy Georgetown has inked the deals with two of the local power companies to ... Continue Reading →
CFL Health Issues

CFL Health Issues Exposed

For Years We Were Told This Was The Energy Efficient Way To Go But we were not told it would be at the expense of our health. These bulbs contain the toxic heavy metal mercury. The ... Continue Reading →