Wattless generator

A Peek At The Wattless Generator by Geoffrey S. Miller of EnergyBat Labs

. Still Under Construction But Already Showing Some Amazing Power Potential They are expecting an output in the range of 60 HP or 45 KW. If true that would be a lot of power from such ... Continue Reading →
The New Energy

A New Energy In The Fabric Of Space Time

. An Unlimited Energy Source That Can Satisfy Our Energy Needs Forever A 100 years ago Einstein described the fabric of space – but he left out one thing. He never talks about ... Continue Reading →
Magrav technology

Magrav Technology -The New Energy

. Have You Been Following The Developments In Magnetic Gravitational Technology Lately? Using magnetic and gravitational fields for lift, drive and energy generation. This technology ... Continue Reading →
over unity charger

The Orbo By Steorn 2015 – The Power Cube Field Test

. Over Unity Magnet Motor / Generator Cell Phone Charger Hits The Market The Orbo “Power Cube” is an over unity USB charging device for charging your electronic gadgets ... Continue Reading →
Open Source Over Unity Generator

Another Free Energy Generator – 33X Over Unity

This Is An Open Source Generator – Plans Are Available The inspiration for this design came from several of Tesla’s patents. The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) ... Continue Reading →