A Peek At The Wattless Generator by Geoffrey S. Miller of EnergyBat Labs

Wattless generator


Still Under Construction But Already Showing Some Amazing Power Potential

They are expecting an output in the range of 60 HP or 45 KW.

If true that would be a lot of power from such a small package.

We’ll have to wait the full story after they get the rest of the parts and get this machine fully operational.

Again Geoffrey is releasing an open licence to his patent for a 5% royalty and encourages others to experiment with his discovery .

Wattless generator

As shown in the photos at the right and described in the video below, it is comprised of two discs, each embedded with 12 very strong, flat disc, neodymium magnets, axially magnetized, situated with alternating magnetic orientation around the disc. The second disc is essentially identical (within materials limitations) to the first.

Coil designBetween these two discs Geoff has situated his GSM Tube Core coils. Then, on the outside of the discs, even with the inner coils, is a tube core that circles in a horseshoe-like manner from one side to the other, so that the entire flux field is contained between those two sets of tubes and coils.

Remember, as I said yesterday, one of the private demonstrations Geoff did for me while I was there was to show me the difference between passing a magnet by a solid iron shaft versus passing a magnet by a steel tube. With the solid iron rod, you can feel the cogging resistance — if you can do it without the magnet hooking up to the rod. But with a hollow iron (steel) tube (Geoff’s discovery), it passes right by, without hardly even noticing the tube. The faster the magnet passes by the tube, the less resistance there is. But if you bring the magnet up to the tube slowly, its will fasten to the tube, magnetically, as you would expect. As I said in our feature pagethe other day about his GSM Tube Core, “Think of the ramifications of nearly resistance-less generators.”


Watch The Video To See A Couple Of The secrets In The Construction


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