The Environment Is Improving Along With Growth And Increased Energy Consumption

the environment is improving


New Data Released By The EPA  On Air Quality Shows A Marked Improvement

The emission of six major air pollutants has dropped by 68% since 1970.

Considering that the population has grown over 54% and our energy consumption has increased by 44% makes this super good news.

In addition we drive 168% more in our cars and the economy grew 238 %

It goes from impressive to astounding when you consider that natural gas, coal, and oil have driven this growth. Technological innovations have made obtaining these energy sources smarter, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

Given this good news some are asking whether the current environmental lobby and the politicians are now going too far with their new policy initiatives.

For more on these concerns read the original article.

Further use of green energy sources can make this a better planet to live on.



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