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QMoGens Are Over Unity Motor / Generator Devices

These are all those devices that have a motor driving a generator and the generator is putting out more energy than the energy required to run the generator.

These devices have been around for years.

Some have been scams.

But there are a number of these devices that have been getting proven results.

Over at Pure Energy Systems News, Sterling has come up with a list of devices that are on the  market products or very close to doing so.

Here are the first few on the list.

Leading PContenders

MES50 — Russia

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    MES50 QMoGen appears to be for sale in Russia – “The developer and the inventor of the electric power station, MES, have the ability to privately and at the expense of the customer, to build a demonstration model of the electric power station MES, which is 50kW, 400V, 50Hz for testing in production and living conditions of the customer.” (PESWiki; September 8, 2014)

Platinum Invests Group — Spain

They’ve kind of moved away from the home power pursuit, compared to a year ago.

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    E-MAG Magnetic Propulsion Engine by Platinum Invests Group – A company out of Spain called, Platinum Invests Group, headed by Dr. Umberto Stranieri, appears to have an exotic free energy generator system they call E-MAG that involves magnetic propulsion, which appears to be approaching market readiness. They also have a “molecular dissociation via plasma” technology already implemented. (PESWiki; June 19, 2013)


Challenging to work with. 40 kW system.

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EKA Electricity — Turkey

(Nearly ready to post a feature page at PESWiki.)

Power JMD — France

I haven’t been in communication with them for over a year.

This has been just the first 30 % of the list – go to the original page to view the rest.



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