SEG Prototype

Another Generator The Energy Companies Don’t Want To See On The Market

The SEG Generator Concept Has Been Around Since 1946 In 1946 John Searl invented this generator technology. It never made it to production due to the high cost of producing the components. But ... Continue Reading →
H2prO Home

Clean Energy And Fresh Water

. Teen, 17 years old invents machine that takes in dirty water and gets out clean water and hydrogen.  Cynthia Sin Nga Lam from Melbourne, Australia may be one of the next generation ... Continue Reading →
Electricity amplification

Cold Energy – Is The Doubt About Over Unity Finally Over?

One Man’s Crusade To Bring This Knowledge To The World He thinks he’s found a way to magnify electrical energy. He’s openly inviting others to duplicate his work, ... Continue Reading →
Energy sources of the future

10 Top Likely Sources For Our Planets Future Energy Supply

As You Know There Has Been A Dramatic Shift In Energy Sources Over The Last 10 Years And it hasn’t stopped yet. The methods of tapping or gathering the different energy sources ... Continue Reading →

Advances In 3D Printing Technology Is Making Printed Solar Cells Possible

Why Not Copy Mother Nature And Print Your Own Tree To Generate Power. That’s what researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are up to. They have developed ... Continue Reading →
Capacitor car battery replacement

Can you start Your Car Using Capacitors?

. My First Reaction Was That Capacitors Couldn’t Store Enough Power To Start A Car But that would be totally wrong with the super capacitors that exist today. In this video you ... Continue Reading →
Tesla Turbine Used In Water Desalination

Can A Tesla Turbine Be Used For Water Desalination?

In This Application You Would Use The Tesla Turbine As A Pump Not A Motor In fact it is going to act as a vacuum pump. The principle is to reduce the pressure in a container of salt ... Continue Reading →
Energy From The Air

Harvesting Electrical Energy From The Air

. The Substance Graphene Is Proving To Be A Key Element In Harvesting Electrical Energy From The Air Graphene is used in the collector array to boost the energy collected. The Ion Test ... Continue Reading →

Could This Discovery Be On Par With Splitting The Atom?

. Graphene A Carbon Based Compound Discovered 10 Years Ago Has An Amazing Property This new property of graphene was just recently discovered. Discovered by Sir Andrei Geim and his ... Continue Reading →