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It’s A Better Burning Efficient Wood Stove

Store bought high efficiency stoves are expensive.

These DIY rocket stoves are really taking off – being built all over the north where heating is required in the winter.

It’s interesting because unlike other stoves you feed the wood down into the fire box.

There is so much draft created by the design that no smoke comes back out.

Actually this stove is so efficient that hardly any smoke can be seen going out the chimney.

How efficient is a rocket mass heater? There are only anecdotal comparisons, but, Ianto Evans says in his book, Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build, that when he switched from a small woodstove to a rocket mass heater he went from using four to five cords of wood per winter to about two thirds of a cord with a rocket mass heater.

“So with one of these stoves you’d typically burn it for three to four hours and then the bench, which is what we’re running the flue gases through before it leaves the building, will store that energy over that 3 to 4 hour burn cycle and release it for 12 to 72 hours depending on how cold it is outside,” says Avis.


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