water off the grid

Different Ways To Pump Water Off The Grid

. Water Is One Of The Most Essential Commodities Most of us don’t give it a second thought because it is either piped under pressure to us or we can pump it anywhere with electric ... Continue Reading →

New Off Grid Solution From Solar City

Solar City Is Now Offering A Mini Grid Product For Groups Who Want Their Own Electric Grid These mini grids are designed for groups such as  cities and towns, corporate campuses, ... Continue Reading →
How to buld an earth bag building

How To Build Your Very Own Hobbit Hole

This article is going to describe in detail how to build structures with earth bags. Earth bag construction is ideal for making dome shaped structures. Earth bag construction can be ... Continue Reading →

House Boats Just Got Fancier

A Solar Powered Floating Eco Home Is Now Being Manufactured. If you hate mowing grass and love living on the water this might be what your looking for. Self powered by the solar panels ... Continue Reading →
Zeer Pot Refrigerator

This Survival Refrigerator Is Used In Third World Countries All The Time

. Did You Know That 2500 Years Ago The Egyptian’s Had Refrigerators? They may not quite as efficient as ours today but they kept fruits and vegetables cool thus extending the ... Continue Reading →
How To Build A Rocket Stove

When The Grid Is Down – How Will You Cook? – You Will Need This DIY Suvival Stove

You Could Use An Open Fire, But Why Not Conserve Your Wood Supply And Use Something More Efficient? With the proper wood stove, you don’t have to limit what you eat, You can cook ... Continue Reading →
Connecting your emergency backup power source

Connecting Your House To An Emergency battery Pack And Iverter

After Taking Everything Into Consideration Video 3 Shows The Emergency Power Being Connected. You will see that the power to each of the two circuits is being monitored and one ... Continue Reading →
How to resolve ground fault issues

Emergency Backup Power Connections And Ground Fault Problems

This Is Video 2 About Using An Inverter And Battery Pack For Emergency Power When The Grid Power Goes Off Line. A question to consider is do you know what circuits have ground fault ... Continue Reading →
How to Connect A Battery Backup During A Power Outage

In An Emergency Power Outage You Could Power Your House Using Batteries

. This Video Series Shows You How To Connect Batteries Via A Inverter To You Houses Electric System Instead of batteries you could also connect a generator the same way. Do it right ... Continue Reading →