Do Smart Meters Kill People? Doctor Spills The Beans

Microwave Radiation Levels Over Time


How Smart Meters and Other Devices Affect Your Body

We live is a sea of electromagnetic radiation these days. The radiation comes from our cell phones, computers, WiFi modems, TV’s, microwaves and water meters. And outside the house there is the smart meter, cell phone towers, satellites in space and God knows what else they don’t tell us about.

Doctors can test how these various sources of electromagnetic radiation can affect you. They can monitor heart functions, brain waves how you sleep and more. Different people can have a wide range of responses to these radiations. But the bottom line is a lot of people get sick.

In this video Dr. Darren Schmidt shows you the results of his testing.



To a large extent it’s your choice what goes on inside your house. But you may be surprised to know how you can block outside radiation from getting inside. See what this home owner did.

Radio Magnetic Frequency Roof Shield

Watch the video.

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