The Real Truth About Smart Meters

The Truth About Smart Meters


They Aren’t That Smart And Are Down Right Dangerous

Have you noticed lately that the things that experts and the authorities tell us are turning out to be just plain wrong.

A few short years ago we believed what we were being told, now it seems to be all propaganda for some big hidden agenda.

It’s time to wake up and insist on our freedoms.

Does having power gas and water in our homes make us free?

I used to think so growing up, but lately, the hidden agenda of those that control the utility companies is beginning to show and it look pretty ugly.

Watch this video all the way through – it will make you mad at what’s actually happening in this world.



There are solutions.

In less than 90 days the first plasma energy generators will be shipping from the factories. A couple of them should provide all the household power you need for half the cost of solar and wind solutions.

And stay tuned and discover how plasma energy can help produce clean water, provide food energy and alleviate many health concerns.

Here is what a Doctor says about smart meter radiation.

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