Yet Another Ocean Wave Technology Being Tested

40 South Energy H24

40South Energy’s H24 machine can work both as wave and tidal unit.

This technology consists of a heavy fixed base unit sitting on the sea floor and an upper sliding piece that moves back and forth with the water currents.

The back and forth movement drives the equipment inside generating electricity.

H24 unit has a rated capacity of 50 kW, with the guiding part of 24 m in length

The machines are designed for islands or isolated communities with an average electricity consumption of 50 kW or more.

40South Energy recently announced that the construction of the first H24 unit is underway, with the tests being performed on the new WT25v2 power train – an upgrade of WT25v1. The tests are performed in the sea water tank at 40South Energy’s facilities.

The video below will give you a better idea of how tis technology works.

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Image source 40 South Energy



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